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Welcome to the best, most affordable software for managing freight operations.

Find out how easy running your truckload broker business could be. Our freight broker dispatch software integrates operations with accounting to make brokering freight easy and efficient.

We have first hand experience with brokerage operations and our software helps you manage shipments, maintain accurate carrier records, update customers and create paperwork quickly, pay drivers, and manage your receivables. All very easily and accurately.

For the last 6 years we have been perfecting our software for our brokerage operations.

Shipment Management: This is the heart of the software and what makes this the ultimate tool. Our shipment screen gives you instant access to your shipments at anytime.

Operations: Easily set up customers, enter loads and invoice customers. With our duplicate load feature you can set up repeat shipments with two clicks.

Paperwork: Professional paperwork designed for your business. Create Bill of Ladings, Carrier Rate Confirmations, Shipper Rate Confirmations, Carrier agreements, insurance request forms, POD Request Forms.

Carrier management: Manage your carriers simply and easily. Find carriers in a specific area and use our powerful and simple search tool to find previous carriers and search for load data to quote business you have preformed in the past

Side Note: To many times as a broker you have done a load with a great carrier and then a few months later when you get a similar shipment you have to try and remember who you used. With our search and reporting tools you will never have this issue before.

Customer management:With our customer management system you are able to store information about a customer and easily set up loads, create invoices and send them relevant paperwork. Our reports will show profitability for customers and allows you to set credit limits, payment terms and easily view history.

Side note: Our multi user platform allows your agents to set up their own business and manage their own customers and carriers with out having access to the companies customer and carrier list.

Cash Management: One of the biggest parts of this job is managing cash flow and customer payments. Our freight broker software alerts you about late payments and generate new past due notices and customer statements based on a specific customer payment terms.

User access: Our multi user system allows for 4 user types. Administration, Agent, Customer, Carrier and factoring company.

Both administration and Agent have access to all reports and benefits of the freight broker management tools.

Administration: Full access to everything, Accounting, carrier payments, expenses, agent payments, customer terms, profitability reports and user administration

Agents: Access to carrier and customer management, ability to pre form all duties to manage shipments. Agents have ability to send out invoices but not able to record payments from customers. Reporting allows the agent to see customer payment reports.

Customer: Allows your customers to log in and track status updates, view PODs and enter new shipments

Carrier: Allows a carrier to log in and view your company specific loads, upload PODs and view payment history.

Pricing Plans
Broker Startup - This is meant for a smaller office that will share one login. You can have as many people using this at the same time but it does not have the ability to set up additional agents or customer logins. You get everything else and are able to quickly, easily and simply start managing your business. Manage shipments, carriers, customers, account receivable, accounts payable, documents, and much more.

Broker PRO - This is for a larger office with the need to set up agent, customer and carrier accounts. you get everything with this one.

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Do you want to be an Independent Freight Broker? Here is what you need to do

Freight Broker Authority
Broker authority is a license provided by the FMCSA authorizing individuals or companies to act as freight brokers. Broker authority is applied for by filling out MFCSA form OP-1 and selecting the "broker of property" option. Form OP-1 requires individual or company contact information, the company name filed on a doing business as form (if applicable), and the applicant's USDOT number. A $300 fee must accompany the application. Go to -
Surety Bond Or Trust Fund
A surety bond or trust fund acts as insurance to guarantee that the shipping companies will be paid for their cargo space. If the shipper does not pay for the shipping service, the freight brokerage must absorb the cost; should they not be able to, the bond company or trust fund will cover the expense. A freight broker must have a surety bond or trust fund worth $10,000 or more. Proof of the surety bond or trust fund is filed with the FMCSA using form BMC-84 or BMC-85. Many surety bond companies could be set up with monthly payments to lower the initial cost. Go to - for more information.
Legal Process Agent
Freight brokerage businesses must register legal process agents for each state they operate in with the FMCSA. The process agent provides legal representation within their state, though law firms which have members in multiple states may be retained for use in each of these states. Process agents are registered with the FMCSA using form BOC-3, with spaces provided on the form for every state. A filing fee of $50 is required with form BOC-3
4) Freight Management Dispatch Software
This will be the tool that helps you manage and grow your business. These products should be available from anywhere, create documents like Bolls and Rate confirmations and provide an easy invoicing and accounting system to manage carrier and customer payments. Go to -